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Srinagar: Hundreds of people on Friday took out rallies in Kashmir parts to commemorate the Youm-al-Quds and Kashmir day.

The last Friday of Ramzan (Jumat-ul-Vida,) was observed as “Youm-ul-Quds and Kashmir” to call upon the international community to come forward in a big way to help the people of Palestine and Jammu and Kashmir secure their “inalienable” Right to Self Determination.

In Srinagar’s Hassanabad area hundreds of people took out a procession from Imam Barah after the Friday prayers.

Israel on one side is set with other world powers for what they call “deal of century”, which imam e Jumma Hassanabad Abid Hussain Husaini Syed said is a conspiracy to throw out Palestinian people from the land they own.

“India too in Kashmir is conspiring to remove article 370 which aims to reshape demography of Kashmir.” He said.

Syed on the eve of International Quds day denounced all types of oppression on humanity.
He said from Palestine to Kashmir enemies of Islam are ‘dividing us in tribes and sects but we must remain United.’

The procession was however stopped by police at Khanyar as youth were not allowed to march ahead.

People carrying pro-Palestine and pro-Freedom placards raised anti-Israel and anti-India slogans.

“It is a duty upon every Muslim to raise voice against Zionism and every oppression in the world. As Imam Khomeini had said, Quds is raising voice against every oppression in the world. Today we have gathered to show solidarity with people of Palestine and other oppressed nations,” Said Adil Hussain a protester who was part of the rally.

People while raising slogans in favour of ‘Mujahideen’ of Palestine and Kashmir reiterated their support for the movement. ” We want to tell the world that the militants fighting the Zionists in Palestine and Lebanon are not terrorists but freedom fighters.”Said another protester.

Raising anti-India and pro-freedom slogans the youth called out the oppression meted out by India on Kashmiris, ” Every day there are killings in our beloved land of Kashmir. We want to tell our brothers that we support them with our blood, and we will keep fighting till our last breath against the illegal occupation of India,” Said Ubaid Abass.

Similar rallies were taken out in central Kashmir’s Budgam and other districts of the valley where people reiterated their support for the right to self determination of Palestine and Kashmir.

In many Muslim countries, Youm-ul Quds is marked on Jumatul Wida to express solidarity with Palestinians and condemn Israeli occupation of their lands.