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Mansoor Hosan Beigh

Tambis,12 August:-youm-e- Assad julose summer procession(A religious congregational) Concludes today at tambis villages of kargil on sunday

It was observed with immense religious sanctity as symbolic of sacrifice and mourning recalling the martyrdom of Harzat-e-Imam Hussain(A.S) the grand son of prophet Mohammad (S.A.W).

Around thousand of local people’s including men,Women elder and children’s, from different villages such as Trespone,Saliskot ,GMPore,Kanoor Tambis Sankoo,and Kargil town were in shape of procession’s carring the Alam and Banner while taking the tajia the mourner’s chant reciting Nouha ,beating their chest and with back chain ,chanting slogan and weeping in memory of Harzat Imam Hussain(A.S)

Speaking on the occasion religious scholar ulamas Pay rich tribute and homage to Harzat-e-imam Hussain(A.S)and threw light on life of Harzat Imam Hussain (AS) on the philosopy of karbala they,further added in his speech said, that the sacrific and revolution of Harzat -e-imam Hussain(A.S)and his follower were to preserve islam and his Grandfather ummah against the innovation,hypocrisy,wickedness as well as the attempts to destroy and alter islam and the quest for worldly pleasure and widly gains by yazidi and his people.

The majilis concluded with Zeyarat-e-Ashura special prayer for Peace, Development, harmony, Prosperity for amongst the people’s of the whole country were conducted by religious scholars.