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Rayees Veeri

Anantng 25 Jul 19 : In the era of modern drainage technology a colony namely Shahabad that lies in village Veeri of Bijbehara Anantnag is still without drainage facilities.

Locals have alleged that as it rains for only one hour the link road of the said colony goes under knee deep water due to absence of modern drainage system.

It was learnt that as water fills the road there exists no way for any adult to come out of home and finally water enters the in yards of local houses and there is 0% chance that a student can come out of home and visit the school and if forcefully any student tries to do so he difnitely witnesses worst ever experience of dirty uniform and a special bath in the muddy water by the mercy of local administration.

While talking to the locals KNZ came to know that locals have requested the concerned department a lot times to take notice of the above said drainage problem but till time locals only got a biggest achievement of fake promises in air and no effect of ground situation.

Locals have appealed the district administration to look into the matter and resolve the problem otherwise they will hit the roads by protests.