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Ganderbal 21 July【KNZ】:Authorities have failed to curb illegal quarrying in Kondbal area of Manasbal In Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal District.

Negligence of authorities cost of a labourer his life as he was killed during quarrying in kondbal hillock on Wednesday.

The labourer Bashir Ahmad Malla s/o Abdul Aziz Malla resident of Kondbal Manasbal was killed as a pile of rocks slid and fell on him when he was working in an illegal stone quarry at Patarmulla Kondbal area of Manasbal.”A police offical said.

Sources said quarrying in the area was banned by goverment many years ago still illegal quarrying  in going on the area.

Local residents said , “last year  Local residents of Kondbal had a narrow escape when landslide  caused due to the illegal quarrying and mining in the hills of the locality.”

Sources last year a driver was killed when his vehicle fell in a quarry pit where illegal quarry was rampant.

When KNZ contacted Mineral officer Geology and Mining Ganderbal he said, “The quarry were the unfortunate​ death took place is not registered with Geology and mining department.Quarring  in the area was banned by district adminstration.

The land comes under jurisdiction of forest department.We only monitor the Mineral which are transported.We often challan vehicles which carry illegal Minerals”

When KNZ Contacted District forest officer Sind Division Ganderbal said “It is not our responsibility to curb illegal mining in Kondbal hillock.We have demarcated the forest area .The place were death took place don’t  come our jurisdiction.”

When KNZ Contacted Tehsilder lar he also passed the back he said,

“All though  the area were illegal quarrying  has been reported comes under forest department our field staff are doing every thing to curb illegal quarrying in the area.There is lot of confusion we need to demarcate the are properly.”KNZ