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A heart throbbing reality in the histroy of valley, where a son wants to see his father which is impossible

Nasir Khan

SRINAGAR 10 JAN (KNZ): Nowadays since the bleeding unrest took place in valley, we came across new stories based on reality innocent killings etc we read or listen and move on just as nothing has happend ever but here is a bitter truth which no one can Ignore.

I went to a widow. Who got married just to get widowed, who has lost her crown.
No doubt she is surviving not for her own happiness but only to get justice for her husband who was killed years back (Her Assumption).

26 of her young age she struggled to get justice for her husband who was killed without holding any gun or a stone in his hand but unfortunately she failed in every attempt. 

I have lost all the hopes because I live in Kashmir” says the lady to Kashmir News Zone.

Alas, One can even imagine what kind of pain she is suffering through!

It was her age of being happy, to live her adultness with her beloved husband, but no, she lost everything forever.

The Day Narrated By Tasleema
It was the morning of January 10, 1990 we were together having tea at our home and I was asking him (Mushtaq) about my family and all of a sudden we heard some weird voices of crying.

Some womens of our neighbourhood were crying, they were asking for help’ Save, Save us, Save Our Modesty’ (Bachayiew, Asi Bachayiew, Sean Izzat Bachayiew).

My husband rushed out to know what was happinning outside?  The hiss atmosphere became silent and I realised the crucial truth of being widowed, as he never returned.

Tasleema khan is still deceiving herself who is waiting for her husband Mushtaq to return back.

She believes he will come to see his only Son who is now 26 and asks her mother “how was his father looking”?

Even she saw her husband’s funeral who was burried near her house because the so called crucial forces did not allow the family members to perform his last rituals at the family graveyard which was just a km from their residence. 

My world fell apart on the same day and I saw the joy of being a bride for just four months and I have not had any happiness since” says Tasleema.

“Whenever my son would ask about his father his questions would tear me apart and I had no answers for him.Over the years I’ve had to be a father as well as a mother for my son” she adds

In J&K especially in kashmir valley the indian troops have full authority to destroy our future” sadly says the young son KNZ.
Can you just dare to think that a father never met his son and son never saw his father?  

It has happened in my valley Kashmir “The Paradise For Those Who Come From Outside But a Hell For Us (Kashmir’s) Who Live Here” 

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan was the innocent groom who haven’t ever met his own blood Nasir Khan.

Don’t he Khan deserves the father’s love, affection, care? 

“Forces on the day did not only kill my husband; they killed all three of us as I was pregnant and my husband who never saw his own child and my son who never saw his father is now 26 but Nasir sometimes ask how was my Papa?” Says Tasleema while talking to KNZ.

Nasir Khan the brave son of Shaheed Mushtaq Ahmed Khan is now 26 and is a graduate from Kashmir University.

Here we got to know that the indian troops have been provided with full authority over kashmiris, that whatever they would like to do, they will whether its legal or illegal” says Nasir Khan. KNZ