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Awanta bhawan Nowshera Residents Aghast, Demand Waiver


SRINAGAR, JAN, 21 ÷ Residents of Awanta bhawan Nowshera in srinagar Kashmir district are up in arms against the Power Development Department (PDD) for allegedly dispatching ‘inflated’ power bills to the consumers.

The residents of Awanta bhawan teli mohalla,dug kadal bon mohalla alleged that PDD division khanyar sub division Hawal Srinagar has sent them electricity bills more than limit despite their areas falling under metered areas,the reading of our electricity meters shown totally wrong on electric bills how is it possible that a single consumer consumed more than 50k
(fifty thousand units) in a single month.

“PDD has charged us extra fee even as the electricity remained disrupted for most of the time in the area, Authorities changed old staff of PDD in our locality it means simply the story of electricity bills is too much doubtful old staff is totally invisible from last month.

They have charged more than 44.000 (forty four thousand rupees) during the month of December at a time when we saw electricity few hours in a day,” said , a resident of Awanta bhawan

PDD dispatched electricity bill for the month of December, they had charged Rs. 44000 to 1 lac even as we had no electricity as per schedule Similarly, another consumer has been charged Rs.20,000 during the month of December. The residents said that the PDD has failed to provide power supply to them as per their own schedule, but when they have to send electricity bills, they charge hefty sums.

“We fail to understand why the department has charged us bills too much in the month of December and they sent our electricity bills through unknown persons.

It is worth while to mention here that all local staff has been changed said a resident of concerned locality

They are sending bills to the consumers as per their own wish.

They should charge us as per the units we have utilized during the month.

What for they had installed meters here when had charged too much bills,” the residents said.

The residents threatened that if the department failed to waive off the overcharged bills, they would be forced to come out on streets to register their protest…….