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Sheikh Anees

Ganderbal 19 Feb (KNZ):- Residents of Tehsil Gund and its adjoining areas in central Kashmir’s district Ganderbal have alleged that shortage of bank staff at Gund Branch of J&K Bank not only is affecting the usual banking but also is causing inconvenience to the visitors to bank who had to wait for hours together.

According to locals, if any one has some banking business he/she needs to enter the J&K Bank Gund before 10:00am else no one won’t find any space to stand within bank infront of different counter of the bank.

A customer Zahoor Ahmad said, The situation is not worrisome as one won’t find a place to stand in queue to check the Account balance or whether it is counter for withdrawal or for cash deposit as due to staff crunch the single person has to wait at least three hours and so the queue becomes serpentine making others to wait for hours together he lamented.

Huge rush of visitors makes the task of the employees of the bank more tougher as people from Kullan, Rayil, Haknar, Fraw, Sumbal, Surfraw and many other villages are also catered by this only bank branch in the area another customer of this bank said.

Official source in the Bank told Kashmir Neww Zone-KNZ we are facing shortage of staff but despite this bank is doing its best to handle it affairs whatever its pay of the government employees payment of the MGNREGA, Checking Account balance of atleast 300 passbooks on daily basis are the major tasks to be fulfilled within time, he said sometime our ATM Guard’s has to work for deposit and case withdrawal counter’s.

He said staff earlier posted here transfer at other branch’s and no stuff has deployed in this bank due to non-availability of the sufficient staff, the customer are facing hardship in their Banking related work.

When contacted Cluster Head JKBank Ganderbal Farhat Abbas told Kashmir News Zone-KNZ that he is not aware shortage of the staff. But if it is there it will be soon redress, he said, assuring that additional Staff will be sent there accordingly so that people’s miseries can be minimised.KNZ