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Expresses gratitude to Dr Farooq Abdullah for releasing Rs 1 crore to fight Covid-19


Ganderbal, Mar 21 :Former MLA Ganderbal and National Conference Senior Leader Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar today greeted the people on the occasion of Nowruz and said the festival has important cultural and religious significance.

“Nowruz is a time of spiritual renewal, and a chance to show gratitude for our blessings and share aspirations of hope and optimism for the year ahead”.

This year, people here and around the world feel the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, I urge people to celebrate differently by practising social distancing to help limit the spread of the virus.

Jabbar said that coming two weeks, all  of us will have to be extra cautious”.

He said all coming from abroad must go through test and should be in self-isolation for at least 14 days, No matter who the person is, all coming from abroad must go  through tests.

Sheikh Ishfaq asked people to stay at home as much as possible and asked everyone to stay away from rumours.

He said that we should raise hands before Allah to seek refuge from diseases that have griped the entire world and people should also maintain hygiene and perform ablution at their homes.

Expressing gratitude to MP and party President Dr Farooq Abdullah for “releasing funds to the tune of Rs 1 crore (50 lakhs to SKIMS, 25 lakhs to district administration Ganderbal and 25 lakhs to district administration Budgam) to fight the COVID-19 pandemic”, the statement added.

Mr Jabbar urged on the authorities to provide Doctors and Paramedic staff with complete protective gear and Basic equipment from Santizers to Masks and Thermal Scanners, so that our hospitals and medical facilities do not become epicenter of the disease.

District President JKNC, Sheikh Ishfaq requested party activists to lend help to the administration in spreading awareness about proper sanitation and social-distancing guidelines,
and workers are requested not to hold any outreach activity for the time being.