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Srinagar, December 9【KNZ】 : Noted Political Analyst Inam un Nabi has expressed happiness and optimism over the fact that Zero Crimes Are Committed Against Foreigners in Kashmir Says National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) which released their annual data for all crimes documented in 2016.
Inam un Nabi,  stated -” It is matter of great pride for people of Kashmir that the latest Data realised by NCRB with reference to the crimes against foreigners documented that zero crimes are committed against foreigners in Kashmir .It speaks volumes of the great ethos and hospitality that we have kept intact despite painful circumstances .We should keep these shinning realities always preserved and shine more on the humanity paradigm.
We come to know about the news of rapes, robbery, murder like grave  crimes being committed against the foreigners in other states often .”
He added that we should always try to maintain high standards when it comes to respecting , promoting human values.