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Ganderbal, Mar 21: Setting up another example of love and communal harmony, students at Vijay Memorial Educational Institute (VMEI), Ganderbal celebrated holi with zeal and religious fervour.

VMEI, a premier private high school in Ganderbal having strength of around 1000 students has a small number of hindu students enrolled as well. But the school management has been providing a great environment nurtured with moral values by the vertue of which festivals of all faiths are celebrated with mutual love and respect.

Same enthusiasm was witnessed on Thursday when the muslim students celebrated festival of colours with their non muslim school mates and shared love and affection.

“This educational Institute was founded and established on the basis of moral ethics and communal harmony which is the actual identity of this spiritual land known as Peer Vaer (Land of Saints)”, Chairman of the school, Sanjay Verma said.

Mr. Verma further added” Apart from the traditional education, our system has always been stressing on the moral values and communal harmony. This school neither differentiates nor discriminates anyone on the basis of one’s cast, colour or faith. This is the reason we celebrate all the festivals together, making students to learn humanity, peace and brotherhood irrespective of their religious beliefs”.

The school provides education that includes Islamiyat and moral values. Besides, VMEI is the only educational Institute in Ganderbal that has got faculty and facility for specially abled children and a trained psychologist is available to help students overcome their mental stress.