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“I don’t care” says AEE Manasbal devlopment authority Ab Majeed Bhat

Aaqib Rasool

Ganderbal 09 Mar (KNZ):Despite availability of garbage dumping site for Manasbal tourist area here.Garbage is being irresponsibly burned in Manasbal instead of dumping that.

The contractor who have been assigned to dispose garbage properly to the designated site is throwing all norms to winds instead burning it there and causing pollution in the area and irking tourists and local people.

AEE Manasbal devlopment authority Ab Majeed Bhat seems to be carefree about it and Supports this irresponsible act.

When this reporter asked the AEE about measures to keep Manasbal clean and to check on act of contractor he said ,”I don’t care go tell anyone you want to.”

AEE also said that contractor have been issued tender at very less amount and he is not earning much profit that is why he is burning garbage there

When Kashmir News Zone-KNZ contacted CEO Manasbal devlopment authority said that she will issue a notice to stop burning of Garbage in and Around Manasbal tourist spot,she added.(KNZ)