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Aaqib Magray

Ganderbal 03 Jan (KNZ):Vateran PDP Leader and former MLA Ganderbal today appealed Governor and Divisional Commissioner Kashmir to rovoke SRO 105 in Ganderbal by virtue of which minor minrals rights Ganderbal were given on lease.

Terming it harsh Qazi Afzal said In Ganderbal thousands of families are dependent on Quarring and now the quarry has been given to contractors on lease.It is harsh for Labourers in Ganderbal .

Minor minral belong to people of Gandebal and they have right on it. I appeal Governor and Div com Kashmir to reconsider implmenetion of SRO 105 in Ganderbal.It should be revoked for betterment of labourers of Ganderbal.

He further​ said that he stands for the cause of poor people and do every thing possible to ensure justice for labourers of Ganderbal.KNZ