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Sadaf Shabir

Srinagar 02 Aug【KNZ】:Emolyees of Family welfare department Anantnag zone without salary from last six months.

Family welfare department of India deals with health policies, family panning, immunisation, plus polio, etc despite of their hard work every year they are seen protesting on roads for their salary.

Mehmooda vice president of Family welfare department  (FWD) told Kashmir News Zone-KNZ that,”our work is to promote maternal and child health but when we are not healthy and our children are suffering what will we do with people”.

we save children of others but what about our children what will they eat. We don’t have money to provide them proper diet. Our prime minister is talking about ” Beti bachaw Beti padaw” but who cares about our daughters.Here are many pregnant ladies in this protest who cares about them.

we visited secretary and other higher authorities they only assure us but nothing is seen on ground” she added.

Family welfare department is facing the same problem from years while government Is falling to quater the root cause.

Another member of Family welfare department told Kashmir News Zone” we have been recruited through SSRB we are government employees then why they are denying our salaries.

We always have to beg them for our salaries last year our salary was released after 12 months”.

We travel by foot miles to reach every corner to complete the goal of polio free India but now we are tired we are starting our protest here till our demands are full filled, he described.KNZ