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 Adnan Shafi 

What a rimy

and comely

winter wonderland ,

As icy mess 

onto my hand;

I eulogize its 

charming guise.

Its allure is

ephemeral as

it melts on my

flesh so warm .

In this calignosity,

I have no fright ,

Icicles nonchalantly

 form as I stand.

The gleaming 

snow falls from 

up high,

In this winter


I stand astounded

as I ogle upon glistening snow covered tress with 

its chalky chroma.

Sprinkled in 

Winter’s frosty 

touch so blissfully august .

God immotiled 

an ardor of 

Winter’s charisma

within my 

arcadian heart.

Author is a resident of Chandrigam village in Tral.