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Bilal Dar

Budgam: Wani Mohalla and Chopan Mohalla of Sugan Khag are with out Road, water and power. The inhabitants of wani and chopan mohalla of sugan area of khag Budgam here are up in arms against the authorities for failing to provid them with basic amenities. The habitants of village claim that it has never received electricity since five years.

The village comprises of about four dozen house holds, however the authorities have failed to provide them with basic amenities, “it is amazing that in 21st century we have to use methods lighting including candles and lanterns said Ab aziz hajam a local.

Locals said that basic infrastructure for electricity has not been provided to the  two mohalla of the village. “ there are no electricity wires and electricity poles here”. He said they have to go to other villages to charge their lights and mobile phones.

Besides electricity the village is also devoid of potable drinking water “women have to go towards hill almost 1 km to fetch water if our water facility is good by nature but the pipe lines are not able for function. Locals said the we tried a lot to approach the PHE authorities but they didn’t respond very well .there is no water schemes ,tube wells or other sources in our area said Gh Ah Wani  a  local.

The village sans proper road, streets which is dilapidated since centuries “ we face problems to ferry patients particularly expecting mothers to the hospital Farooq ah wani added. Onother problem they added that our agriculture land was dilapidated by the shiek nar nallah .Locals said that due to heavy rains the floods come  through this nallah which destroy our agriculture land last year now it treat to the residential houses. The locals talk to media and said  that authorities should take action on our basic issues